Choosing an Air Conditioning System for Your New Home

air conditioning AdelaideCentral air conditioning Adelaide systems for houses need yearly maintenance to stay in peak operating condition for many years to come. The initial expense may be high, but with the high return on your investment, it makes sense to go all out when installing and choosing one. Choose the right size and type of system for your house size and climate. If you already have ductwork installed, be prepared for more expensive upfront costs as well. But even if you’re replacing an existing central air conditioning system, the initial price is still much cheaper than installing a brand new ductless mini-split.

Ductless systems use a portion of the existing ductwork and extend the duct from the current room to the outdoor unit. The indoor unit heats the water circulated through the unit through the coils within the copper tubing. The outdoor unit circulates the water through a fan and into the room. Ductwork is very costly, but there are several benefits to installing a ductless system. Depending on the size of your home and current climate, your central home air conditioner may be sufficient enough to meet the demand of a comfortable room temperature.

Ductless air conditioning Adelaide systems are the right choice for many homes for several reasons. First, they are easy to install and can be moved around to any house with ease. Second, they are quieter than other types of air conditioners. Third, you don’t have the expense of installing and ducting large air conditioning units. Lastly, window units offer an affordable option to many homeowners, even those with large homes.

A mini-split air conditioning system is also available for the homeowner. It is a smaller version of the central air conditioning system. The mini-splits the cooled water in two different units — one for heating and once for cooling. This allows for greater efficiency, as the cooling compressor is less noisy, allowing less stress on the fan. If your home already has a mini-split air conditioning system, this may be an option to consider.

A unique type of air conditioning Adelaide system is geothermal air conditioning systems. The cooling compressor is powered by the ground’s natural heat, rather than electricity. The compressor heats the water before it enters the system. As the water enters the system, the warm air is sucked into the home, where it heats the home’s water, which cools the air in the house.

Before choosing an air conditioning system for your new home, be sure to consult with your HVAC contractor. Make sure to choose one that will fit your lifestyle. The right system will save you money, comfort and energy in the long run.