Important Features Of Makita Tools – Adelaide Tools

Makita tools have long been known for their quality and longevity. For this reason, they are often considered the “go-to” brand when it comes to tools and equipment for the do-it-yourselfer. Makita’s line of tools is made from the highest quality of materials. It is geared towards the experienced user who understands that quality comes at a price. Makita tools use lithium-ion batteries that offer reliable service for many years, even in the most challenging environments. While Makita offers many cordless power tools, one of the most popular is their charger/power tool combo. Buy the best tools at Adelaide Tools today.


A Makita charger/power tool is an excellent tool for nearly any job site. Many combine a lithium-ion battery pack with a standard size battery for easy convenience and power. The charging unit plugs right into a regular household outlet. It delivers a full charge to the battery in just minutes.


In addition to being easy on the pocket, a Makita charger/power tool is also quite safe to use on most job sites. One of the best features of these handy devices is their built-in sync lock safety feature. Built into the charging unit is a dial that locks the connection between the tool and the battery. If there is an accidental pull or knock while the tool is in use, the built-in locking mechanism will prevent damage to the battery and will automatically close the connection after a few minutes. Buy the best tools at Adelaide Tools today.


When the job site is remote, the Makita charger/power tool can be used with Windows 7. This allows the use of the built-in Windows system while the device charges the battery. A Windows interface opens up with the familiar start menu and control keys. From there, users can access the power options and connect the Makita battery.


In the case of an emergency, or if there is a computer or other electrical device that goes down, a user can easily connect their cordless tool to a ground source. They will then be able to communicate with the local fire department or another first responder. Some users may choose to charge their batteries entirely on their computers, while others will power their tools completely off and allow the batteries to charge on their own. With this type of protection, it will allow their batteries to provide power until they are able to connect to an electrician. Another advantage is that users will not have to use the Windows compatibility button to make certain that their batteries will work with their Windows system. Buy the best tools at Adelaide Tools today.


One advantage that many people notice with their Makita tools is the fact that they come with a built-in sync lock. This is a security feature that protects both the batteries and the tools that are attached to them. The built-in sync lock prevents the batteries from being lost or stolen. With this type of lock, it is important to remember to discard old batteries before replacing them with new ones. As long as the power cord is kept connected to the job site, a person can work regardless of whether their tools are powered by electricity or battery power. There is no chance that a person’s tools will ever go out of sync with their Makita battery-powered tools.